About Zan

Zan’s about.me profile!

My name is Mike Van Zandt, also known as Zan or MVZ. I am currently in search of my next Scrum Master or Coaching role.

With little more than passion, a few Scrum Role Certification courses (thanks Roger Brown and Mike Cohn, you’re awesome!) and loads and loads of reading, research and experimentation, I have gone from a novice wanna-be trying to force change to a confident servant-leader who guides, informs and uplifts. I’m proud to have now earned my Certified Scrum Professional certification.

It hasn’t always been the easiest road. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing!  For more information regarding this blog, please refer to the introductory post. I hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to provide feedback! Feedback is the lifeblood of Agile!


Feedback? I love Feedback!

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