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The Zangile Manifesto is my little corner of the internet, and in my corner of the internet, I like to talk about Agile Development; things like Scrum, Extreme Programming, Coaching and anything else that may pop up inside of the clutter of thoughts and ideas that is my brain. While it’s by no means a regular occurrence, from time to time I have the desire to reflect on things, or work through issues, and I find writing them out helps me organize my thoughts.

If doing that in the form of a blog can also help others work through some of the daily conundrums and pitfalls of being an “Professional Agilist” (my new catch-all term for Coaches, Scrum Masters, and all of the other various people who work towards promoting and providing the ability for teams to “Be Agile”), all the better.

The Blog

You can find ramblings here: My Blog.

I make no guarantees regarding accuracy, validity, quality or applicability of any material contained within. All items are subject to my biased and personal view of the world, and may not be compatible with yours.

However, I will indeed do my best to ensure that what I do say is clear and understandable. It is my hope that your experience reading my blog is enjoyable, and I welcome constructive feedback.  If you hate Agile, and you think Scrum Masters are charlatans, snake oil salesman, or glorified task managers and project slave drivers… I’m sorry. I hope someday you experience the joy of experiencing a truly Agile team and/or Scrum done well, where Scrum is a launching pad to a new world of possibilities.

About Me

I do have a page on this site dedicated to talking about myself, in case you’re for some reason curious. Take a look here: About Zan

I love feedback, so if you have some, please feel free to leave a comment on one of my posts!

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