User Stories

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted!  Let’s rectify that!

I recently had a friend, who is moving into a new role working with a Scrum team, ask me about writing user stories, and if there was any specific training around creating them. After we finished the discussion, I recalled that I had created a presentation regarding user stories a while back. I’d like to share the presentation, and make some comments.

Power Point – User Stories

The presentation is linked above.  During this talk, it was important to emphasize the idea of “Outcomes over Output”, as the recipients of the presentation had historically been very directive and focused on directing output from contributors.  Changing this is a two-way street, as self-organization requires not only commitment from the team to organize themselves, but also commitment from leadership to allow for that organization to happen.  User Stories are one tool in that process, moving away from directive “micro-management” and more towards inclusive co-leadership.

This is just one in a series of presentations I’ve given in a series I’ve called “Ongoing Agile Education”. It was provided to a group who understood the basics of Agile, allowing for greater focus and discussion on a single topic.  If there is interest, I do have other Power Point presentations from this series that I may be able to post.

As always, I appreciate your feedback!